Diritti umani e benessere dei bambini.
A fianco di chi vive la discriminazione.

On July 21st of few years ago a girl was abused by the same institutions responsible for her fostering and protection.  As a reminder of such sad event Associazione 21 luglio was founded. The writer Susanna Tamaro has devoted us a great article which you can download by clicking here


Associazione 21 luglio is a no profit organization that supports groups and individuals in condition of extreme segregation and discrimination, protects their rights and promote the well-being of child. The organization, which is composed by Roma and non-Roma, seeks neither political parties no profit and follows social, human, cultural and civil solidarity in agreement with the principles of the international convention of the rights of the child.

Associazione 21 luglio was founded in Rome on the 6th of April,  2010. We are registered at UNARRegistration for associations and bodies carrying out activities aimed at combating discrimination. The association is also member of: Associazione Carta di RomaEuropean Roma Information OfficeCRC Group (Working Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child), Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP).


Associazione 21 luglio pursues its mission by monitoring and research activities, publishing reportsrevealing all kinds of discrimination and segregation undergone by Roma. We also are engaged in advocacy activities at institutional levels.

When it’s required, in addition to take legal actions against human rights violations, the association also furthers public awareness-raising activities and implements projects aimed at developing the social rights of children and minors living in deprivation.

Through the Osservatorio 21 luglio, we constantly monitor media, blogs and websites which could spread messages inciting hatred and discrimination throughout Italian territory.

The board
The board elected by the Assembly has the task to implement the general guidelines established by the Assembly and to promote all initiatives to the achievement of goals. Board members are: Carlo Stasolla (Chairman); Michele Costa (Vice President), lawyer and co-funder; Tommaso Vitale Associate Professor of Sociology Université Sorbon Paris Centre d’études europeénes; Paola Cutaia co-funder director of Np3, company for consulting and innovation for no-profit. The Honorary President is Mauro Palma, national ombusdam for the rights of the detained. The secretary general is Aurora Sordini.
The association adheres to the principles of non profit-making, democratic structure and gratuitousness of the board.

The members are registered at Associazione 21 luglio and attend to the annual meeting.

Donors support the work of  Associazione 21 luglio through sponsorships. To become a donor, click here


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REYN Italy has been launched

From now on it will be possible to follow updating related to REYN Italy through the blog, at the address https://reynitaliablog.wordpress.com. REYN is an ISSA (International Step by Step Association) initiative that promotes the importance of quality services for Roma children and their families.
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Forced eviction in Rome: 500 Roma rendered homeless

Forced eviction from the informal settlement of Giuseppe Mirri street was carried out in Rome: 500 people were rendered homeless, about 250 are minors. «This is another blatant violation of human rights and international law standards», Associazione 21 luglio declares.



Civil Society Monitoring on the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategy in Italy in 2012 and 2013 (October 2014)

Report prepared by a civil society coalition comprising the organisations Associazione 21 luglio (lead organisation, Roma), Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci - Researches and Projects in social spaces (Fiesole, Firenze) and the Associazione Amalipé Romanò (Firenze). Coordinated by the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation in cooperation with the Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Program of the Open Society Foundations. Download the report